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How to: Resolve 'Load of wsdl with Message part element undefined in wsdl'

Because Oracle BPEL 10G does not have a as strong validation of BPEL processes as in Oracle 11G it is possible that 10G services which appeared in 10g syntactically correct fail to compile after migrating to 11G. One error which can occur is 'Error: Load of wsdl "{WSDL_A} with Message part element undefined in wsdl [{WSDL_B}] part name = parameters type = …" failed'.

The error is caused by a conflicting namespace in one of the imported WSDL or Schema files. This can be a WSDL or Schema directly imported in the composite.xml or a WSDL or Schema imported by another WSDL. The error is misleading, the root cause of the error will with any certainty not be in the reported file WSDL_A. When having more complex BPEL services with multiple partnerlinks it can be challenging to find the namespace conflict. Here a structured way to get to the source of the problem.